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Heritage Tour Packages
Country: Lesotho
City: Teyateyaneng
Duration: 2 Day(s) - 1 Night(s)
Tour Category: 4x4 Adventures
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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USD 300 / Per Person

Package Itinerary

Day 1: (Depending on Flight Arrival).

Departure from Maseru airport for the Kome Cave dwellings, near Teyateyaneng. The Kome Cave dwellings built in the 19th century are still lived in by the original families. The caves have been carefully restored and a visitors’ center has been attached to the site. They have been declared a National heritage site. Bushman Paintings may be seen on the Kome Cave overhang.

Visit Thaba Bosiu., lunch on arrival. After lunch, a guide will take us on tour and explain the history of the 1st Chief Moshoehoe and how he was able to conquer the Zulu King Shaka's warriors. Well then be taken to a demonstration village and from a distance see the famous mountain-Thaba Bosiu.

Overnight: Botleng Guest Lodge.

Day 2:Breakfast

After breakfast, depart for Maseru airport.


Valid Passports are Essential!!

The cost is based, on a per-person rate!

Explore More About Culture and Heritage of Lesotho:

Lesotho’s most ancient cultural heritage is preserved in the atmospheric rock overhangs that characterize the kingdom’s highlands.

In prehistoric times, these basalt-capped shelters provided refuge to San (Bushman) hunter-gatherers, who adorned the sandstone walls with rock paintings depicting their mysterious shamanic trance rituals.

Located 24km outside of the city of Maseru, Thaba Bosiu is a National Monument and Lesotho's foremost tourist destination holding great historical significance as the birthplace of the Basotho People.

A group of Basotho women working together making hand-spun mohair rugs with geometric patterns, wall hangings, beautiful and fashionable scarves, and handbags. Elelloang Basali (Be Aware Women) can be found in a building made of recycled cans by the main road in the north (Maputsoe) of the town.

Major Bell's Tower was built by the British at the end of the 1870s and is still largely intact. Visitors can see an interesting primitive statue of a European in front of a nearby local administration office.

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