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Upper Quthing

Quthing, Lesotho

On the hill above Lower Quthing, overlooking the Senqu (Orange) River gorge, this former colonial administrative centre has good views and gently dilapidated buildings. Walk or catch a shared taxi up from Lower Quthing to escape the hustle and bustle and have a quiet stroll.

Upper Moyeni known as (Thoteng) in Lesotho is found in Quthing, also known as Moyeni (Sesotho for "place of wind"), is a constituency and the capital city or camptown of Quthing District in Lesotho. Quthing was established in 1877, abandoned in the Gun War of 1880, and then rebuilt at its present site – the southernmost town in Lesotho.[2][3] It has a population of 27,314 (2016 census).

Moyeni is divided into Lower Moyeni and Upper Moyeni. Lower Moyeni is largely used for commercial and residential purposes. Upper Moyeni is mainly for administrative purposes and residences for government officials.

Quthing district is home to a diverse group of people who speak different languages. King Moorosi, the leader of the Baphuthi people, who occupied the Quthing District in southeastern Basutoland (today's Lesotho) in the 1800s, died on Mount Moorosi in 1879 in a war against the Cape Colony.

Rock and cave art are to be found near Quthing, which were created by the San people who settled in this area. Quthing lies in the southern part of Lesotho and borders the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The Senqu River flows through the district of Quthing as it makes its long journey to the Atlantic Ocean. The border post between Lesotho and South Africa is called Tele Bridge.

During King Moshoeshoe's reign he allocated this part of the country mostly to the Baphuthi people led by King Moorosi.

Quthing like any other attraction places in Lesotho has multiple places to visit as tourism attraction places such as the Seaka Bridge. Seaka is one of the most attractive places in Lesotho. It has two iconic bridges one build during colonial period and the new one build in the early 1990s. Besides that you can visit the cave house where you will be in a position to see the reverse dinosaur footprints and learn a lot about the history of Quthing, Lesotho and Baphuthi. You can also visit the dinosaur footprints which are very clear offcourse which a clear weather not the rain.

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