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Sehlabathebe National Park

Qacha's Nek, Lesotho

The paradise on the tops of the Maloti Mountains, Sehlabathebe National Park occupies around 68 square kilometers on the very roof of Lesotho.

It’s actually joined at the hip with the Maloti-Drakensberg Park National Park across the border in South Africa, and boasts the same breathtaking vistas of rolling highland savannah, wild flower meadows and verdant valleys overlooked by craggy faces of primeval stone.

Intrepid travelers flock here to ride across the plateaus on horseback, encounter semi-nomadic tribal peoples, and embark on some of the most beautiful trekking trails in the entire Qacha’s Nek region.

Sehlabathebe National Park's new lodge has the facility to cater for 40 persons on a dinner, bed & breakfast or self-catering basis, if required.

We also have availability for Camping with seperate ablutions within the new Lodge for the Camp Site. Campers also have the possibility of utilizing our dining room at the new lodge for meals etc', if required.

Sehlabathebe National Park, the oldest nature reserve in the country, is remote and almost inaccessible, but predictably peaceful and stunningly beautiful.

Set on the border with South Africa in the southern reaches of the Drakensberg at an average altitude of 2400m, the park is best known for its prolific birdlife, including the rare bearded vulture (or lammergeier), excellent trout fishing on the Tsoelikana River, waterfalls, rock paintings and ancient Basotho stone dwellings, and seemingly endless open spaces just perfect for hiking.

Lesotho, formally known as Basutoland. Also known as the Switzerland of Southern Africa because of the beauty and mountainous landscape. Lesotho is over 30 000 square kilometres and is covered in gullies, sparkling waterfalls, and rugged mountains making it a tourist destination hotspot!

There is endless activities in Lesotho such as pony rides, mountain biking, abseiling, birding, fishing only to mention a few.

Lesotho was inhabited by Bushman and there are Bushmen drawings and paintings in the river gorges making it an excellent place for long walks and hiking.

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