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Sehlaba Thebe National Park

Qacha's Nek, Lesotho
  • This is one of the designated national parks in Lesotho. It comprises 6500 hectares at an average elevation of 2400m. The park conserves an area of high mountain plateau bordering on South Africa. The area is full of wonderful rock formations, huge rock overhangs and many small lakes. The park is both important and extremely interesting to those whose special interests are bird watching or alpine flora. There are some hardy mountain buck to be seen, as well as small mammals, a wealth of birdlife, and a diverse Cape alpine flora. Of particular interest is a small minnow-like fish (Oreodaimon quathlambae) that was thought to be extinct, but has been rediscovered in the upper reaches of the Tsoelikana River.


Activities at Sehlabathebe

  • Birdlife
  • Wildlife
  • Fauna and Flora
  • Pony trekking
  • Rock shelters
  • Hiking


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