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Mount Qiloane

Thaba-bosiu, Lesotho

The origins of Mokorotlo are unclear. A similarly shaped hat, called a Toedang, was commonly worn by the Cape Malays, who are descendants of slaves from the East Indies. It is believed that the Sotho may have adopted the Mokorotlo through exposure to these hats.

The Mokorotlo is the object which was used to cast rulings in customary courts, similar to the symbolism of a gavel in western societies. It was designed to resemble the mountains where Moshoeshoe the First lived during his triumphs in battles with the various nations that were attacking the Sotho.

The Mokorotlo became infamous around the 20th century, when chiefs began to wear the hat and began singing a song also known as the ‘Mokorotlo’ to garner support at village “Pitso”, which is a gathering. In its original form, it was exclusively worn by males to gatherings. However, in the 1950 s, new designs were developed to cater to women.

MT Qiloane is 1532 meters above ,sea lvel!

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