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Motebong Lodge

Ha Lejone, Lesotho

Motebong lodge is located on what was a construction staff residential camp during the construction of the Katse dam’s transfer tunnel, following the signing of the Lesotho Highlands water project treaty in 1986. The camp has now been converted to a comfortable guest accommodation with a restaurant serving choice dishes and a well-stocked bar while retaining features that reflect its rich history.

Located on the banks of the Katse dam, the camp provided an exciting water sports opportunities for the only guest as the facility with direct access to Katse dam.

Motebong Lodge is situated just outside the town of Ha Lejone +- 45 kilometers before the Katse Dam.

Motebong lodge not only provides comfortable guest accommodation, but is also an ideal location for high altitude training and has hosted teams such as the SA rowing Olympics team for its high altitude training camps since 2013. Because of the peaceful and quite surrounding’s, Motebong is also ideal for hosting team building sessions and workshops. The scenic surroundings also make it ideal for landscape photography and location for various television productions – the prize-winning movie company Giant films TV shot a Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) campaign from the surrounding sites.

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