Exploring Tourism in Lesotho
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Morija, Lesotho

As the oldest town in Lesotho (having been founded in 1833 by pioneer French Protestant missionaries), Morija boasts many historical buildings, including the Morija Museum and Archives, which is the national museum of Lesotho. The museum provides a clear insight into the Kingdom’s history from Moshoeshoe I. Morija is also a home of an annual Cultural Event called Morija Cultural Festival. Both man and culture welcome the tourist in Lesotho.


Activities at Morija

  • Bird watching
  • Morija Museum and Archives
  • Dinosaur Foot Prints
  • Makhoroane Plateau
  • Matsieng Royal Family
  • Pony trekking
  • Printing works and Art crafts
  • Oldest Church and house in the country

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