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Mokorotlong Maseru Down Town

Maseru, Lesotho

A mokorotlo is a type of straw hat widely used for traditional Sotho clothing, and is the national symbol of Lesotho and the national symbol of the Basotho and Lesotho peoples.The place was then named after Basotho Hut Mokorotlo. the building structures resembles the basotho hut and is the most cultural bulding in maseru city.

Most Tourist who visit Lesotho and engage in Maseru City Tour first visit this beautiful and cultural place. Basotho Pride themselves with this place and is well taken care of.

One of the most monumental buildings in the country stands near central Maseru. Called the Mokorotlo, the site is a traditional hut redesigned in a more modern and sophisticated style. The revamped hut houses a museum where visitors can learn more about the nation’s history, culture and traditions. This house represents the popular Basotho hat inspired by Basotho's founder fortress called Thaba-Bosiu. Within this fortress there is a mountain shaped exactly like Basotho hat , the mountain is called Mount Qiloane. This iconic hat is also found in Lesotho's national flag, bank notes and the number plate just to mention a few.

If you take a very close look at this building, you will definately realise that the building also resembles the mount called Thabana Qiloane which the Basootho hat was copied from this mountain. The mountain is found in the out skirts of maseru city but in a bit rural place though the place is developing and infrastructure wise is developing quickly because of its importance. Everyone who visits Lesotho comes back with either Basotho hat or Basotho blanket or even both. The history of the basotho hat comes a very long way and we can see this in Basotho hut as well. Very beautifil traditional houses.

It is believed that the Sotho may have adopted the mokorotlo through exposure to these hats. The mokorotlo was likely adopted in the early 20th century, when chiefs began to wear the hat and began singing a song also known as the 'Mokorotlo' to garner support at village “Pitso”, which is a gathering.

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