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Leribe, Lesotho

The sinewy mountains around Liphofung rise in hues of ochre and snow-white during the winter.

They conceal the fascinating historic sites of the Moteng Valley, which have yielded evidence of human habitation in these parts of Lesotho since at least the Stone Age.

Today, visitors can come and explore the unique history of the Liphofung Caves, where a well-rounded visitor’s center now offers an insight into the old Basotho kings and the ins and outs of traditional Basotho craft culture.

There are also oodles of walking routes in the area, and some good campsites to boot.

Liphofung Cave and Cultural Heritage Site is endowed with rich cultural, historical, and archaeological heritage, dating back to as early as the Late Stone Age. These treasures are generally protected under several statutes. The National Heritage Resources Act, No. 8 of 2012 makes provisions for the conservation and safeguarding of tangible and intangible heritage resources. The Museum Act, 1967 also provides for the need to have museums to host and interpret Lesotho’s rich cultural and natural heritage.

The Lesotho National Vision 2020 which presents a broad perspective framework for the Government of Lesotho, states that the Basotho people should share the common goal of being a unified nation that cherishes the norms and values that enhance a sense of belonging, identity, and pride in every Mosotho. As a nation we are proud of the beautiful country we live in and want to keep it that way.

As the Medium-Term Implementation Strategy for the National Vision 2020, the National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) 2018-2023 provides clear indications of Government’s commitment to the protection of the Nation’s natural and socio-cultural heritage (both tangible and intangible) and its desire to fully utilise such resources through tourism to advance socio-economic development. The Site is well positioned to take advantage of current and emerging tourism markets.

The Ministry of Tourism, Environment, and Culture and the Lesotho Northern Parks Management are dedicated to safeguarding, promoting, conserving, and sharing the country’s rich natural and socio-cultural heritage with all citizens and the world. This Integrated Management Plan for Liphofung Cave and Cultural Heritage Site presents a collective Vision for the Site and guidance on how to pursue these tasks and roles

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