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God Help Me Pass

Mohale, Lesotho

The God Help Me Pass, or Lekhalong-la-Molimo-Nthuse in Sesotho, is a mountain pass (elev. 2318 m) in western Lesotho. It is the second mountain pass on the A 3 road going into the central highlands. The road ascends steeply from the village of Setibing, and near the summit is the Basotho Pony Trekking Centre, which offers a variety of trekking expeditions. The Makhaleng River flows close by Setibing, and its valley forms the western approach to the pass. The higher Blue Mountain Pass (2641 m), Lekhalong-la-Thaba-Putsoa, is a few kilometres further east, and the first mountain pass, Bushman's Pass, Lekhalong-la-Baroa, (2266 m) is about 10 km to the west, rising from the village of Nazareth.

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