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Cultural Village

Thaba-bosiu, Lesotho

Revamped in 2016, the well-maintained cultural village is a highly worthwhile stop. Excellent guided tours of the complex explain traditional Basotho culture and history, and end with a visit to a statue of the much-revered Moshoeshoe I. There's a restaurant (mains M60 to M160) with a wraparound veranda – a great place for an afternoon drink.

It is a sandstone plateau where King Moshoeshoe I, the founder of the Basotho Nation established what turned out to be a formidable fortress that protected his People during amongst others, the Lifaqane (Mfecane) war. "Thaba Bosiu" which means "Mountain at Night" was believed to possess supernatural powers which made it grow into a tall mountain during the night leaving enemies who tried scaling it still stranded on its cliffs and vulnerable for attack the next morning. Thaba Bosiu offers an on-site restaurant, museum, cultural village, and amphitheatre.

Located 24km outside of the city of Maseru, Thaba Bosiu is a National Monument and Lesotho's foremost tourist destination holding great historical significance as the birthplace of the Basotho People

The Basotho Nation is one in very few that can trace its origins to a single geographic point on the map. The Thaba Bosiu mountain fortress holds a very rich history of the formation of the Basotho nation and the Cultural Village Site Museum provides the visitor with an exciting, interactive, multi-media presentation of this National Monument.

Besides learning about the formation of the Basotho Nation, the Site Museum contains interesting and informative displays of Basotho cultural heritage as well as its colonial and post-colonial history, making this venue a must see stop on any visitor journey to Lesotho.

Experience traditional Sesotho life set within a typical village dwelling consisting of the Khotla, Moreneng (Chief's Hut), Ha Mofumahali (Chieftainess' Hut), Thakaneng (Children's Playground) and Lekhotla (Village Court). Here the visitor can consult a traditional doctor, sample Sesotho beer and take in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of traditional Sesotho life.

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