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Botsoela Waterfall

Malealea Village, Lesotho

Panoramic views to the Gates to Paradise valley with farmlands, grassland around is dotted with the yellow flowers of Euryops, the white Arum Lilies, the bright red and yellow colours of the Red-Hot Pokers and plenty of other wild flowers. The 4x4 drive takes us to Botsoela Waterfall is an 50 minute drive and a 50 minute drive return and a +- 3 hours hike or Pony Trek. The walk down takes 10 minutes and return 15 minutes walk back up the single track. If we are lucky a small group of boys will be playing and dancing with their home-made musical instrument,which echoes off the Botsoela Falls cliff face. There’s basically only one section you might need help with! After viewing of the Botsoela Falls we return to the 4x4 vehicle, the ascending road pass becomes very rugged before the summit . We drive to the view point overlooking the Gates to Paradise valley from East to West!

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