Exploring Tourism in Lesotho
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Lesotho Popular Places to Visit

Bushmen Pass

This big pass is located on the A 3 main route between Maseru in the west and the much smaller village of Fosi in the east. It displays an altitude variance of 487 meters over a distance of 11.9 km producing an average gradient of 1:27, but there are several very steep sections at 1:5. The pass is also commonly known

God Help Me Pass

The God Help Me Pass, or Lekhalong-la-Molimo-Nthuse in Sesotho, is a mountain pass (elev. 2318 m) in western Lesotho. It is the second mountain pass on the A 3 road going into the central highlands. The road ascends steeply from the village of Setibing, and near the summit is the Basotho Pony Trekking Centre, which offers a variety of trekking expeditions. The Makhaleng River flows close

Blue Mountain Pass

This is one of the longest passes on the tarred A3 route between Maseru and Mohale at 18.3 km. Although the average gradient is a mild 1:40, those numbers are diluted by the long plateau section in the middle. The reality is that the gradients get steep at either end - as steep as 1:6.This is another high altitude pass reaching a

Motebong Lodge

Motebong lodge is located on what was a construction staff residential camp during the construction of the Katse dam’s transfer tunnel, following the signing of the Lesotho Highlands water project treaty in 1986. The camp has now been converted to a comfortable guest accommodation with a restaurant serving choice dishes and a well-stocked bar while retaining features that reflect its

Mafika-lisiu Pass,

Travelling North along the A1 from Maseru and passing through the town of Teyateyaneng .Turn right onto the Nelson Mandela road.Bokong Nature Reserve is one of the highest reserves in Africa. It lies at the top of the Mafika-Lisiu Pass, leading to Katse Dam and reaches an altitude of 3090 m above sea level. There are some outstanding views across the

Mount Moorosi

Mount Moorosi is a mountain in the Drakensberg mountain range on the banks of the Orange River in southern Basutoland. It acquired the name Moorosi's Mountain after Moorosi, the Chief of a local tribe, who, after committing acts deemed to hostile to the Cape Colonial administration, fortified himself on the mountain. Mt Moorosi Chalet are self catering ,with amazing mountain scenery

Echo Caves-lesotho

We take a leisurely drive through rural farmlands and scenic villages along the way! After +-30 minutes of  walking,we will stop at a village perched overlooking the Makhaleng River Valley. From here well descend via a single bridle track/pathway at a +-35 degree gradient towards the Makhaleng river basin! Our guide will lead the way and give explanations along the way,about

Botsoela Waterfall

Panoramic views to the Gates to Paradise valley with farmlands, grassland around is dotted with the yellow flowers of Euryops, the white Arum Lilies, the bright red and yellow colours of the Red-Hot Pokers and plenty of other wild flowers. The 4x4 drive takes us to Botsoela Waterfall is an 50 minute drive and a 50 minute drive return and

Mount Qiloane

The origins of Mokorotlo are unclear. A similarly shaped hat, called a Toedang, was commonly worn by the Cape Malays, who are descendants of slaves from the East Indies. It is believed that the Sotho may have adopted the Mokorotlo through exposure to these hats. The Mokorotlo is the object which was used to cast rulings in customary courts, similar to the symbolism

Kings Palace

Matseng Village ,is the Kings Palace and Royal Archives are kept. Please no photos of the Kings Palce,are Allowed!