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Malealea Lodge

At Malealea Lodge you won t hear traffic here, you will hear singing in the afternoons from the local band and choir at 17H30 daily. . .

Makhomalong Valley-malealea Lodge, Lesotho

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At Malealea Lodge you won’t hear traffic here, you will hear singing in the afternoons from the local band and choir at 17H30 daily. The lodge has one of the most tranquil scenic gardens in the world!

You will hear birds who wake early and crickets who stay up late. On the trail, you will hear the clanging of bells fastened to the necks of grazing sheep, the steady trickle of valley creeks, and the clip-clop of your pony’s hooves underfoot.

You will see vast and endless rolling hills, aloe plants as tall as you are growing out of the dry ground, the russet glow that shines over the mountains as the sun slips behind them, and people who have known laughter as well as they know struggle. You will taste the richness of authentic Basotho cuisine and smell the sweet, smoky bonfires that burn each night. Our community is our priority and we want you to discover it. Our activities will allow you to ethically explore all of the natural beauty that surrounds us while exposing you to our way of life.

Malealea Lodge, nestled in the Makhomalong Valley and surrounded by the stunning Maloti Mountains, has a rich history. It dates back to 1905 when it was established as a Trading Post by the charismatic Mervyn Bosworth Smith. This colonial character, educated at Oxford, fought in both the Anglo-Boer and First World Wars.

The lodge itself is a delightful blend of old farmhouse buildings, en-suite thatched rooms, rondavels, and camping facilities. It’s situated in a remote part of Western Lesotho, making it an ideal stopover for travelers journeying from Johannesburg to Cape Town, or from the Drakensberg to the Wild Coast or Garden Route.

At Malealea Lodge, you won’t hear traffic; instead, you’ll be serenaded by birdsong and crickets. As you explore the trails, you’ll encounter grazing sheep with bells around their necks, valley creeks, and the rhythmic clip-clop of your pony’s hooves. The landscape unfolds with vast rolling hills, tall aloe plants emerging from the dry ground, and the russet glow that bathes the mountains during sunset. But it’s the people who truly make this place special—people who know both laughter and struggle.

And don’t miss out on the authentic Basotho cuisine—rich and flavorful. As night falls, the sweet, smoky bonfires light up the surroundings. Malealea Lodge is deeply connected to its community, and the Malealea Development Trust, headquartered on the premises, continues to build and uplift the local area. You can learn more about their impactful work and find ways to support it here.

So come, and experience the magic of Malealea Lodge, where the singing, the scenery, and the spirit of Lesotho await you!

The Malealea Development Trust builds our community every day and is headquartered on our premises.

A wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets, from camping to en-suite rondavels and backpackers. Dining room serving 3 canteen-style meals every day. (Meals to be booked in advance). Basic communal self-catering kitchen with braai facilities for those who wish to self-cater!

· Bar with DSTV

· Games room with pool table and table tennis table

· Tennis Court

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