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2 Kingdoms and 2 Countries- United Destination -14 Nights/ 15 Days Mozambique 4 Nights / 5 Days Day 1: All Meals are Included- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner! Depending on the flight -Arrival! Maputo International Airport also known as Mavalane . .
Country: Lesotho
City: Maseru
Duration: 15 Day(s) - 14 Night(s)
Tour Category: 4 X 4 Adventure
Package Itinerary

2 Kingdoms and 2 Countries- United Destination -14 Nights/ 15 Days

Mozambique 4 Nights / 5 Days

Day 1: All Meals are Included- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

Depending on the flight -Arrival!

Maputo International Airport also known as Mavalane International Airport, formerly Lourenço Marques Airport, arrives in Mozambique and is transferred to a hotel.

Overnight: at Hotel- 5 Star.

Day 2: All Meals are Included- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

Depart after breakfast and do the Maputo – City Tour, places to visit include: Central Market + Train Station + Fortress + Iron House + Natural History Museum + Fish Market (CAREFUL PICK POCKETS) + Craft Market.

Overnight: at Hotel - Star.

Day 3: All Meals are Included- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner! Weather depending!

Please note that Ferry only runs on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, if DHOWS aren’t available!

Depart after breakfast and get down to the harbour very early 06H45, for Inhaca Island!!

Sitting 33km due east of the capital of Mozambique which is Maputo is a sub-tropical island which measures 12km by 7km. It’s called Inhaca Island! It is speculated that Vasco Da Gama would have sighted Inhaca Island in 1497/98.

The island was used as a trading post in the 1500s, mainly for the ivory trade; however, one of the most interesting features throughout Portuguese trading was its fame as a haven of refuge for shipwrecked mariners working their way up the coast from the south.

Portuguese Island is a deserted island approx. 3 km from Inhaca Island. The boat crossing only takes about 10 -15 minutes and picnic lunches can be arranged from Inhaca local restaurant. Portuguese Island has beautiful beaches and the lagoon area is great for all manners of water sports and after beach time.

Overnight: at Hotel- 5 Star.

OR if the weather is very bad and can’t do a boat ride to Inhaca Island do the below option!

Macaneta Beach Resort is an Island resort situated on the Macaneta Peninsula just 30 km from Maputo, Mozambique. The perfect beach holiday destination to escape the busy city for some tranquility, sun, sand, and sea.

The resort's prime location is positioned between the Incomati River and the warm Indian Ocean, where you can enjoy breathtaking sunrises over the ocean and sunsets over the river. The resort's unparalleled location is that which gives its visitors a unique and unforgettable scenic experience when choosing to stay at Beach Resort.

Day 4: All Meals are Included- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

After a very early breakfast viewing of Maputo Special Reserve - the reserves and wildlife suffered badly during the civil war between 1975 and 1992 when mines and snares injured and killed a large population of wildlife inhabitants.

Restoration of the reserve's wildlife and flora has been an ongoing effort via cross-border translocation programs between South Africa and Mozambique since the end of the war with a latest count report of over 400 elephants that now flourish in this beautiful, tranquil game reserve where sightings of them grazing on open floodplains is guaranteed.

These translocation program operations taking place over the years have proven to be a major success with over 4600 animals brought into the reserve since 2019 and over 25000 animals from all over Southern Africa since translocation operations began! Today, it thrives with wildlife attracting more and more tourists which helps fund the reserve to maintain its biodiversity and continue the restoration process. Maputo Game Drive, in a 4x4 vehicle, a packed lunch route, or a late lunch at a local restaurant and return via the same route back to Maputo for an African sundowner watching the amazing sunset.

Overnight: at Hotel- 5 Star.

Day 5: All Meals are Included- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

Depart after breakfast to Ponta do Ouro a tranquil beach community in southern Mozambique. It is about 10 kilometers from the South African border and 120 kilometers from the Mozambican capital, Maputo. Today the clients will have access to the beach, swim, and relax.

The town is well-known for its crystal-clear waters, scenic beaches, and world-class diving destinations, including some of southern Africa's finest dive sites. The coastal community is surrounded by rich greenery, which contributes to its appeal and charm. Tourists can engage in water sports such as snorkeling, surfing, and deep-sea fishing, or they can simply relax on one of the island's numerous breathtaking beaches.

Besides its natural beauty, Ponta do Ouro has a rich cultural past, developed over time by Portugal and indigenous groups. The town's welcoming residents are always keen to share their culture through dance performances and traditional cuisine, making it a great location for travelers seeking a genuine African experience.

Overnight: at Hotel- 5 Star.

Swaziland- 3 Nights / 3 Days

Day 6: All Meals are Included - Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

Depart after breakfast and transfer to the Swaziland border to meet the Swaziland Guide and have lunch at Hlane Royal National Park and do a Sunset Safari drive.

Overnight: Guest Lodge-4 Star.

Day 7: All Meals are Included- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

Depart after breakfast for a Game drive- EARLY Morning -half day, return to the lodge for lunch, then decide to do a horseback Safari or a walking Safari.

Either or 2nd Option-

Mantenga Cultural Village and the Waterfalls Mantenga Cultural Village, located in a lush setting in the Mantenga Falls Nature Reserve, give visitors the incredible opportunity to enjoy traditional harmonies and energetic dances. When the show is over, you’ll get to tour a reconstruction of a Swazi hut village from the 1850s. The Mantenga Waterfall is about a ten-minute walk from the village. The reserve has a great restaurant/pub on site serving local and international food and visit King Sobhuza Memorial Park.

Or Option 3

Optional Activities, not included = White Water Rafting or Caving, Canopy tours-Maybe too extreme! Mountain biking hire 2-3 hours of riding!

Swaziland’s history is surprisingly long and fascinating for such a small nation. Artifacts up to 200 000years old rock paintings from approximately 25,000 BC have been found in the country. Swaziland’s first documented inhabitants, Khoisan hunter-gatherers, were eventually displaced by Bantu tribes who migrated from eastern Africa’s Great Lakes area during the 15th and 16th Centuries.

In more contemporary times, when the then-ruling monarch, King Mswati 11 died in 1982, the Great Council of State selected a young 14-year-old prince to be the next king.

He continued his education in England attending Sherbourne School before he was called back to the throne and crowned on 25 April 1986 aged 18 and 6 days! The king and his mother, whose title is Ndlovukati (“Great She-Elephant”), rule jointly.

Overnight: Beehive Huts or a 4-STAR Lodge?

Day 8: All meals are included- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

After breakfast, we visit Umphakatsi Cultural village – this is the local chief’s village where we explore authentic Swazi Culture with great photo opportunities

We then proceed to the Ezulwini Valley and the capital city, Mbabane.

Depart for the cultural village in Mantenga followed by a trip into the Ezulwini Valley to view Swazi Art &Craft.

Overnight: Beehive Huts or a 4-STAR Mantenga Lodge?

Day 9: All Meals are Included- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

Depart after breakfast and visit Shebes Breast Rock or walk to the base for a packed lunch- the hike is steep and rugged, leading to the summit of Sheba’s Breast Mountain. If you’re on Execution Rock, the two “breasts” are visible from there.

Trail from Nature Reserve: Another trail starts at the entrance to the Mantenga Nature Reserve. Both trails offer unique experiences and stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Remember to prepare adequately for your hike, wear appropriate gear, and enjoy the adventure! If you’re in Eswatini/Swaziland, Sheba’s Breast Hiking Trail is worth exploring!

Overnight: 4 Star- Lodge.

South Africa- 1 Night / 2 Days

Day 10: All Meals are Included- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

Pick up from Swaziland/South African Border Post via Durban and be transferred straight to Underberg.

Overnight: Hotel

Lesotho- 4 Nights / 5 Days

Day 11: All meals are included- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

We travel through the small town of Swartburg. Enjoy traveling through the picturesque farmlands of East Griqualand with traditionally decorated huts along the route. A scenic drive through a bushy landscape, small forests, and farmland dotted with picturesque villages. Passing through Matatiele in the Eastern Cape, bordering on Kwa Zulu Natal before entering Lesotho via Qacha’s Nek border post.

Qacha's Nek is a district of Lesotho. Qacha's Nek is the capital of Camp Town and the only town in the district. In the south, Qacha's Nek borders the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, and it has a short border with KwaZulu-Natal Province in the Far East. Domestically, it borders Quthing District in the southwest, Mohale's Hoek District in the west, and Thaba-Tseka District in the northern direction.

Entering Lesotho and traveling through rural Lesotho villages, before turning right and crossing over the Orange River/ Senqu. The Orange River, South Africa's major river, rises in the Drakensberg in Lesotho, where it is known as the Senqu. From where the river leaves Lesotho, it flows westward for some 2200km to where it finally flows into the Atlantic Ocean at Alexander Bay.


The Gariep Dam, near Colesburg, is the main storage structure within the Orange River. From here the water is supplied in two directions, namely westward along the Orange River (via hydroelectric power generators) to the Vanderkloof Dam, and southward through the Orange-Fish Tunnel to the Eastern Cape.

The total Orange-Senqu River basin extends over four countries, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, and South Africa, and covers an area of 1 000 000 km². 64.2% (642 000 km²) of the basin falls within South Africa, 24.5% (245 000 km²) in Namibia, 7.9% (79 000 km²) in Botswana and 3.4% (34 000 km²) in Lesotho. The basin incorporates the central part of South Africa, which represents nearly half of the surface area of the RSA, the whole of Lesotho (where the main river is known as the Senqu), reaches to the southern part of Botswana, and drains most of the southern half of Namibia.

Alluvial Diamonds

In 1867, the first diamond discovered in South Africa, the Eureka Diamond, was found near Hopetown on the Orange River/Senqu River. Two years later, a much larger diamond known as the Star of South Africa was found in the same area, causing a diamond rush. This was soon eclipsed by the diamond rush to mine diamonds directly from Kimberlite at Kimberley in 1871, although alluvial diamonds continued to be found in the Orange. Today, several commercial diamond mines operate on the last stretch of the river, as well as the beaches around its mouth. Diamond mines also operate on the middle stretch of the river.

We will stop at 2.080m “Christ the King” to a viewpoint with a beautiful view into the valley below and the mountains around. Then cross over the Orange River (Senqu River).

An exciting journey high over the summit of the Thaba Putswa Range via Makhakhe’s Pass and across the basalt moorland roof of Southern Africa to Semonkong, “the Place of Smoke”. Maletsunyane Falls is a single cataract on a tributary of the Orange River in Lesotho, 75 miles (121 km).

We have lunch at Semonkong Lodge. After lunch, view the spectacular Maletsunyane Waterfall. 2x Options either hiking or Pony Trekking to view the Maletsunyane waterfall both are 3-hour circular routes!

Overnight: at Lodge- 3 Star.

Day 12: All Meals are Included- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

Depart after breakfast at the lodge and travel via Moitsupeli, turning left towards Koro-Koro. A scenic drive through a bushy landscape, small forests, and farmland dotted with picturesque villages, along the road dense bushes and shrubs used by locals for medical purposes, picturesque mountain landscapes, and rural settlements.

At the roadside basalt stone with hardened bubbles. Packed lunch provided for. Entering a very rural part of Lesotho a lot of interaction with the local population takes place. Our destination is situated in secluded woodland surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Weather permitting not raining =very slippery and steep Descent % Ascent!

After breakfast at the lodge, depart for a +- 3 hours hike to view San Rock Art Paintings in overhanging rock shelters. (Own cost).

San Rock Art Hike+- 3 Hours circular /routing.

Echo Caves 1 & 2

Take a leisurely hike, with a local guide through rural farmlands and scenic villages along the way! We will stop at a village perched overlooking the Makhaleng River Valley. From here we'll descend via a single bridle track/pathway at a +-35 degree gradient towards the Makhaleng river basin!

Our guide will lead the way and give explanations along the way, about the area we are about to enter! Please be careful of the footing, as it becomes very treacherous at various points!

The 2 x caves are called Tohlang Place 1 and 2 and the whole area is called Le Eabuoy Ego Which means, the Caves of Echoes!

The San Rock Art painted onto the walls of bare rock, are the best descriptions, I’ve not seen preserved in a very long time!

Once reaching these caves our guide will give a descriptive history of the San People and their nomadic history throughout Lesotho. The description of the paintings will be described and each illustration will be discussed in detail!

The ascent back to the top of the plateau will be uphill all the way and stops will be made for photographs and a rest stop.

Overnight: at Lodge- 2 Star.

Day 13: All Meals are Included- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

Departure from the lodge after breakfast and proceed to Ha Kome Caves situated near Teya-Teyaneng. At Ha Kome there is a remarkable village where cave dwellings have been carved out under towering rocks. The families still living there today are descendants of the original people who “built” the caves in the 19th century and the site is now a National Heritage Site.

The people living there now still live much as their forefathers did almost two centuries ago and those who have occupied the caves over the years have left a rich cultural history.

Gruesomely, this area was once home to cannibals and past generations of Basotho fled to the caves to hide from them. Parking at the top of the hill allows you to walk for about 20 minutes to reach the Ha Kome Visitors Centre where we will be given a guided tour of the caves and told something of the history and culture of the people.

Visit Thaba Bosiu, lunch on arrival, after lunch a guide will take us on tour and explain the history of Moshoeshoe the First and how he was able to conquer the Zulu King Shaka’s warriors. Well then be taken to a demonstration village and from a distance see the famous mountain Thaba Bosiu.

Overnight: Guest Lodge – 4 Star.

Day 14: All meals are included- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

Pick up at Maseru airport and do a city tour of Maseru, visiting the local information Centre, which displays curious and tapestry making. Then viewing the new and old Parliament building, with a stop at the Post office to buy Lesotho stamps. Have lunch at the local restaurant and do a town walkabout. Return to Guest lodge early afternoon.

Overnight: Guest Lodge- 4 Star.

Day 15: All Meals are Included- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

Depending on departure timing!

After breakfast depart for Maseru airport.


Valid Passports Essential

If the number of clients increases or decreases the cost will be adjusted accordingly!


Transfer from Mozambique/Lesotho

2x Bottled water per day

All Accommodation-14 Nights

Bed & Breakfast

Driver Guide

All Transport for 14 Days


Personal Insurance/ Expenses

All Soft and Alcoholic Drinks

Lunch & Dinners

Tips to Guide

Adventure & Activities-own cost.

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