Exploring Tourism in Lesotho
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Lesotho Day Excursion!

September 2018 We had a wonderful time and you were great. Still laughing about your next tour with nurses. Just rip check-up. Thanks Ray. Your friend Charles

Lesotho Overland

September 2018 Hi Ray! I’d like to thank you for a wonderful trip. It was great! My special thanks to Mondli. My best wishes. With best regards, Svitlana Zagorodniuk

Lesotho Memories

October 2018 Dear Ray We are home now apart from Claire who has a couple more days in Cape Town Thank you so much for being a great driver and guide in beautiful Lesotho. The trip exceeded our hopes and expectations and will stay forever in our memories. We hope you managed to get your tooth sorted quickly and you returned safely home. I have a few photos for you. How do I send them? With best wishes Christine and all.

Advanced Driver

I went on a advanced 4x4 driver training course and passed in 2002,the vehicle was stationary at a 45 % angle. As Lesotho is one of the most rugged terrains in the world!

Lesotho Overland

Certificate of Adventure issued by Unique Tours, for the duration of 6 Nights and 7 Days of touring in Lesotho!

Lesotho Via Sani Pass

Roadshow, with CEO of South Africa Tourism!

The Mountain Kingdom

The view is a killer, you wouldnt want to miss it for the world. Thats where the beauty if this country is..... Mountains.

Lesotho Is Full Of Life

'Lesotho offers breath-taking views (even after you've adjusted to the elevation). The people are among the friendliest and most beautiful I have ever met. It is a very affordable place to visit. We particularly enjoyed the cultural festival in Morija. The museum there is definitely worth a visit. The church services are astounding (both Catholic and Protestant): hours of a capella singing and dancing. Everyone in Lesotho, it seems, was born to sing. We could hear the herders singing at night (though as the night wore on, the quality declined as the quantity of sorghum beer consumed increased).'